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Tips For Managing Stress – How To Help Guide

When it comes to improving your cognitive function and making sure your brain is working at it’s peak performance, you need to do all you can to manage stress in an effective manner. Stress is a huge problem because it can diminish cognitive function, lead to anxiety and depression, and it can also leave you feeling overwhelmed by life in general. There are unhealthy ways to deal with stress such as alcohol or drugs, but these are not at all the way you really should be dealing with the stress in your life. Here are some helpful tips to manage stress in a healthy and positive manner, which can leave you in a much happier place both mentally and physically.

Say No More Often

One of the biggest reasons why people have stress in their life is that they cannot tell people “no” when it comes to either a personal or professional situation. If your boss is constantly asking you to take on more work because someone else is slacking off, you are going to have to learn how to politely tell him or her you just can’t do it. Your body tells you a lot of things if you are willing to listen to it, and stress is your body telling you that you might be doing too much too fast. Sometimes it’s better to not be known as the “yes ma’am” person and to be known as someone who will speak up and stand up for their own best interest. It might be hard to say no to someone, especially if you have low self-esteem or self-worth, but after a while, it will feel good being able to just decline when someone asks something of you.

Analyze and Delegate Tasks

What really seems to stress out a lot of people is that they feel they have too much going on, and they can’t do everything that needs to get done. One way you can easily manage stress in your life is to figure out what the tasks are that need to be done, then find people to help you complete these tasks, and this works for both your personal and professional life. If you have a spouse and you come home to a house that needs cleaned and kids that need fed and dinner to make, well maybe it’s time to talk to your spouse about helping you out more around the house. Communication is key to a relationship, and relationships are a huge part of stress. So when you have a family, you really need to assign everyone tasks to do so that everyone is chipping in, and you don’t feel overwhelmed by 100 different things that need to get done after you get home from work. In your professional life, you could ask that you get help on an upcoming project or assignment or start speaking up if you are left doing the job of another person on top of your own. You need to learn how to delegate work to others and ask for help to get things done, which can help you significantly manage the stress in your life. If you ask and still do not get help in either your personal or professional life, then you will just need to focus on the important tasks, and leave the less important tasks for another time or day.

Express Yourself

While it’s always best to avoid the stressful situations or environments, sometimes that is not always possible, especially if the stressful situation is your marriage or home life. In these types of situations, the best thing to do in order to manage the stress is to communicate and express how you feel to the other person or persons. Obviously, you do not want to come at someone being confrontational because this just adds another stressful element to the situation. The best way to go about doing this is to just be civil and respectful of the other person, but also be honest and tell them how you feel. You want to say it in specific details too, which means talk about what it is that is stressing you out, how you think it can be fixed, and what you are willing to do for a compromise if needed. You have to talk to the person about what is stressing you out because if you don’t, you will only feel resentment and hatred and this will build up stress and other negative emotions.

Pay Attention to Time

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of people that tend to stress themselves out because they think they don’t have time to do what needs to get done, but sometimes this is just because of poor time management skills. You have to learn how to budget your time better, because you need to prioritize what is important in your life, and make sure you find the time to take care of those items. For example, if you have a huge project due for school or work, instead of partying on the weekend before and doing the project last minute, you need to just skip the party. neuropharm-clockYou will find that your life will be a lot less stressful if you decide to stay home and get the project done a week before it’s due, and you will feel so much happier knowing you completed the assignment with time to spare. It’s always a good idea to try to acknowledge you’re bad with time management and learn how to correct the behavior, and you will soon realize some of the stress you have will go away. If you don’t know how to manage your time, you can write down a list of everything you have to get done, either for work or school or personal reasons, and then list all of the things you would like to do. You can then pad some estimates on there for how much time you think each project will consume, which will give you an idea of how much truly free time you have that week. Making a list and prioritizing what you need to do compared to what you want to do will help you begin the steps to managing the stress in your life by just buckling down and doing what you need to do.

No One Is Perfect

When it comes to managing stress, you might also have to take a timeout and remind yourself that no one in the world is perfect, and people make mistakes all the time. A lot of people that are perfectionists have a hard time accepting that something is wrong or maybe not as good as it should be, and then they stress over it and try to redo the project or situation until it’s flawless. The simple answer is that you just need to achieve tasks at the best of your ability, and if there is a minor error or mistake, you need to let it go and move on. You also should not be asking perfectionism out of anyone around you, because they will make mistakes, and this is only going to cause conflict in your relationship with them. You need to simply accept that people around you will mess up, and the quicker you accept this fact, the better your stress levels will be. Plus, if you make a mistake and learn from it then it can help you develop better skills in other aspects of your life, and this can lead to better stress management in similar situations you will run into.

Choose How You React to Problems

Lastly, instead of focusing on someone making a mistake or a problem that has you stressed out, you need to focus more on how you will react to the problem. You can’t control everything, certainly not nature or other people around you, and you really can’t control how they behave in various situations. What you need to do is just realize that you will be less stressed out if you focus on yourself, which is the only thing that you can control at the end of the day, and focus on how you react to these various situations. If you react bad to a situation then it will only make the situation worse, especially if it causes you to get mad and have an argument with a family member, friend or coworker. So focus on having a positive attitude when it comes down to those situations you can’t control and people you can’t control. Remember that even if someone does something wrong and you have to fix it, instead of getting mad at the person, you can choose to help them learn the right way to do something. You can become a mentor and teacher and help people who mess up, instead of being mean, calling them names, and stressing out over how much you have to fix because they messed up. You are only responsible for your own actions and behavior, so it’s important to stop stressing out over anyone’s actions but your own. At the end of the day, the only action you can control is your reaction to that action, and the quicker you learn this the better you will get at managing these stressful situations.

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