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Three Tips for Staying Organized

Organization is a huge part of being successful, because you have to have the ability to make a plan or decision and stick to it. Organization is also important because it can help you be more productive by eliminating countless hours trying to find an assignment, piece of paper, and other important information. You might have gone through all of your documents and organized your closet, which is always a good thing, but getting organized is not the hard part. The hardest part about organizing, no matter what it is you are organizing is staying with it and not letting your old habits fall back into the equation. So if you have decided to organize your life in one way or another, here are three tips for helping you stay organized, which will help you become a happier and more successful person.

Use Organization Tools That Really Help

When it comes to organization, a lot of people use binders or folders with the tabs you can write on, but then they quickly just throw everything together without following their organized plan or goals. The thing about staying organized is you have to find what products work for you, because not everyone will need the same tools to achieve success. If you are someone that is not very technologically savvy, then you might decide that using an app to help you organize notes and important information, and you may want to use the paper and pencil route. neuropharm-organized-2Sometimes you might not even know what type of organized person you are, in which case it’s good to try out different methods to organization. So you may want to get binders, download a few apps, get some sticky notes, and use a planner for the first couple months of the process. You will quickly learn which products and tools you use the most or find out which products help you stay organized on a long term basis. If you are always on the go or travel a lot, you would probably find it easier to use an app, especially if you also have access to your home computer to transfer files and important documents. A lot of people fail to stay organized because it’s almost like work trying to remember to put this or that in a specific location, so you really need to feel comfortable with the tools you use. This part of the process can be challenging, but the important part is to keep trying different methods until you find items that make you want to stick with organizing. It’s also important to find a good routine because this can help you take on more organization tasks later on without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, which also will help you stick with your goals.

Find a Good Organization Routine

One reason why a lot of people fail to stick with their goals of staying organized is that they often forget to organize on a daily basis, and this is often due to just not having a set schedule. It’s very important that you find a time during the day or night where you can sit down and proceed to organize papers, documents, or other items without interruption. Getting into a routine will help you have a structured environment and setting around the event, which can help you keep on track even months later. For example, you might decide that after you clean up from dinner you will spend an hour organizing your checkbook or receipts from that day. Developing a schedule helps you set a pattern, which will eventually lead to the organization becoming second nature. You might decide instead of balancing the checkbook once a day, you setup a time on Sunday night to get everything written down from that week. Whether you have a daily or weekly schedule for your organization, it’s crucial you make it happen the same time at the same length interval. Having a routine is also great because it can train you to become more aware of the time and helps you waste less time throughout the day. If you have that structured time frame where you sit down and organize, it leads to you valuing your time more throughout the day, and this will help you become more productive in your professional and personal life.

Stay Realistic in Your Ability

Often times people stop organizing things because they get overwhelmed due to how many things require their attention on a daily basis. You may have all of these goals in mind of everything you want to organize and keep looking great, but reality is you just honestly might not have the time to do it all. If you are a busy man or woman, you might find that you only have an hour a day to dedicate to organizing various items or paperwork. However, in your mind you have a whole list of things you want to keep organized, and then the feelings of being overwhelmed set in. Feeling overwhelmed and like you have taken on too much at once is a huge reason why people give up on organization, because they feel that it’s just impossible to continue this routine day in and day out. When you begin organizing, you have to prioritize what things are the most important to you as far as keeping them organized. You might have a long list of items you want to organize, but you look at it all and realize that only five of those items are really important. You need to be aware of how much time you can devote to organization, write a list of your goals, and then narrow the organization down to what’s really important in your personal situation. If you are a month or two into organizing and you find yourself having trouble keeping up with it all, then you need to reevaluate just how many things you want to focus on. Being realistic about time constraints and choosing to focus organization on a few items only will help you feel more productive and successful through the process. Not being realistic and becoming quickly overwhelmed can negatively impact your health as well, due to the fact you will become more anxious and less able to concentrate on daily tasks. You can always add various items to organize later down the road, when you feel confident in your skills and time management abilities.

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