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Three Ways to Keep Your Brain Functioning at It’s Best

Your brain is similar to the muscles you have all throughout your body, meaning that you need to workout in order for the muscles to not atrophy. When the muscles atrophy from not being used or strengthened, they become weak and brittle, and also do not function at the highest levels possible. Exercising your brain is the same concept, which means it’s crucial to work it out on a daily basis to keep it functioning properly, and at it’s peak level of performance. Here are three ways in which you can keep your brain functioning at it’s peak level, which can help you improve your professional and personal life.

Eat a Healthy Diet

One of the easiest ways that you can keep your brain functioning at it’s peak level is to eat a healthy diet, which should include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are known for their many health benefits, including being rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin A, C, D, and B6 are all crucial for brain function. You want to make sure you are eating fresh fruits and vegetables since canned fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of preservatives and salt, and also contains less nutrients. Do not stick with just one fruit or vegetable, since different foods contain different nutrients and vitamins, and also offer other various health benefits. Some fruits like bananas contain high amounts of iron, and iron is essential to help repair and rebuild cells all throughout the body. One of the best vegetables you can eat is broccoli, since broccoli helps enhance brain function, contains folic acid, and can even help ward off diseases like Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating chronic neurodegenerative disease which is associated with memory loss and eventually the loss of almost all cognitive function. If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, you can help ward off these types of cognitive diseases since your body will be getting a variety of nutrients essential for cell growth and regeneration. When you eat healthy, you will notice that your mind is sharper and you can concentrate better, your memory will improve, and you will have an overall better mood and outlook on life. Eating a balanced meal with fruits and vegetables also will help regulate your blood sugar, which is essential for peak brain function since glucose is the main fuel of the body.

Listen to Classical Music Regularly

One interesting way you can keep your brain functioning at it’s peak level is to regularly listen to classical music. Classical music can help you improve your thinking ability, imagination, and concentration, which are all essential parts to having a brain that is at peak level. neuropharm-classical-musicClassical music can help boost your mood and relax you, while also stimulating brain activity to produce positive emotions. One thing people don’t think about when talking about your brain working at peak performance is how pain can influence your brain and other systems in your body. When you experience pain, you will often have a spike in blood glucose and blood pressure, both of which can negatively impact your brain’s performance, and can even lead to a change in hormone levels throughout the body. When you put on classical music, you can help reduce the pain within your body, which then will lower your blood pressure and stabilize your blood glucose, and that will lead to your brain functioning the best that it can. You don’t have to really like classical music to enjoy the brain-boosting benefits of it, you just have to let it soak into your mind and forget the prejudice you might have towards that particular music. Even just listening to classical music for 30 minutes a day can significantly make a difference on your brain’s function and performance, especially if you listen before bed or during a stressful situation.

Strive to Continue Learning

Since your brain is just like every other muscle in your body, the rule applies that you need to use your brain regularly or it will start to atrophy. Essentially, if you are not working to strengthen the inner workings of your brain, you will gradually lose your ability to concentrate or work at peak performance because it’s not regularly being worked out. One way to continue working out your brain after leaving the confines of school is to continue learning on your own, which can help expand your cognitive skills and thinking ability. You can continue learning by taking up a new hobby, learning some new skills for a job, getting involved in book clubs or debate teams, and even just by simply changing the route in which you take to work. The key is to make your brain adapt to learning new materials and adjusting to situations that are unfamiliar to you. You might think about taking up another language or learning some of those math equations you could never figure out during high school. Working out your brain by doing new things is a great way to improve critical thinking skills and using parts of your brain you either haven’t used before or don’t use regularly enough. Your brain will function at it’s peak level if you continue to feed it knowledge and information, even something as simple as playing a crossword puzzle or strategy game will greatly improve your cognitive abilities.

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