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How to Increase Your Productivity – Easy To Follow Tips

When it comes to being as productive as you possibly can, there are a lot of things you can do to increase your productivity, whether it’s at work or school or even at home. Being productive actually has a lot of benefits to it, because it can help you feel better about yourself and about what you are contributing to society. If you want to know about how you can be more productive, here are four tips to keep in mind that will help you achieve that.

Stop Using Your Phone or Computer

One way that you can easily become more productive without having to learn any extra skills is to just turn off your smart phone or computer, especially if you are supposed to be doing work or homework. There have been many issues in the workplace when it comes to cell phones, with the new smart phone technology it seems that it’s harder than ever to get people to actually work. Texting, browsing the web and playing games is all good, but when you are trying to get work done, you just need to turn off the phone until the job is completed. If you are at work and having trouble staying off your phone to do your job, then you might either want to lock the phone up in your trunk or simply keep the phone at home. When you are messing with your phone while working or at school you are not completely tuned into the task you are supposed to be completing, because it’s nearly impossible to multitask successfully. Putting your phone away is also important because it causes safety concerns on the job, especially if you work somewhere that uses heavy machinery like a forklift. So it’s not only about being more productive on the job and completing tasks to the best of your ability, it’s also a huge safety concern if you are not paying attention.

Take Short Breaks

While you might think taking breaks lowers your productivity and output, in reality taking short breaks can actually increase your productivity. You need breaks every now and then because you don’t want to get burned out doing the same repetitive task all day long, because at some point you will become bored, and your mind will likely wander away from what you are doing. Short breaks are a good time to grab a drink and maybe a handful of nuts or other protein that you can use as brain power for some midday energy. Taking breaks can help you become more productive because you can regroup and gather your thoughts, especially if you are doing a task that requires a lot of thought or complex problem solving skills. If you don’t take a break then you might sit there all day without coming up with a solution because you are just thinking about the situation too hard. Taking breaks can create epiphanies, which means sometimes stepping away will actually help you look at the problem in a new way, and come up with a new solution you might not have been thinking about before.

Work in Your Prime Time

One of the best ways you can increase your productivity is to work the hardest during your prime time, and this does mean do not take those short breaks while you are in your prime time mode. Everyone has their own specific prime time, which is simply the time of the day that you are the most productive, and this can vary depending upon what shift you work and how your brain functions. Some people are known to be up early in the morning and getting work done as the sun is coming up, while others seem to work best in the afternoon or evenings. So you need to figure out your prime time and focus on the most challenging tasks during this period. Some people have a prime time that only lasts a couple of hours, while others can run a prime time schedule of five hours, so it’s really something you have to figure out on your own. During your prime time you will notice that you just seem to be in the zone at your job, whether it’s you come up with new ideas left and right or you can put pieces on your assembly line together super fast during this time. Know your prime and use it to your advantage to get the hardest and most time-consuming work done during this time, that way you can work a steady pace the rest of the day.

Write it Down

A lot of people will come up with an idea to solve a problem they are having but realize they don’t have a pen or paper to jot down their idea. What you really want to do if you want to increase your productivity is always keep a pen and paper handy so that you can write down your ideas or suggestions as you think of them, whether it’s a new way to put a part together or maybe a new way to solve a chemical equation in the lab. You want to keep your thoughts and ideas written down because they might be ideas that you can turn into solutions to problems you might be having, and this can be both for your professional and personal life. Maybe you thought of a way you could fix the leaky shower head while you were out shopping, so you grab the paper to write it down before you forget. What writing things down really does is it saves you time when it comes time to trying solutions to problems you are facing, and it helps relieve the anxiety and stress associated with forgetting a good idea you knew you had but forgot.

Exercise At Breaks

While on your short breaks or even during your lunch break or bathroom break, you might want to take a few minutes and do some simple exercises. neuropharm-exerciseExercising is a great way to increase blood flow to the brain and other body parts, which can help boost your metabolism and give you some needed energy. Sometimes you just need to get up and move around for a few minutes, especially if you work an office job where you sit at your computer 10 hours a day looking at a screen. Moving around or even jogging in place is a great way to keep the blood flowing and the thoughts floating freely in your head. It really is a simple way to increase your productivity, especially if you get others to join in the exercise break since it can help everyone feel more positive vibes.

Make Goal-Oriented Lists

A good way that you can boost your own productivity is to make goal-oriented lists and stick them in your wallet, purse, refrigerator, and keep one at your work station to look over throughout the day. You want to have personal goals and professional goals, all of which should be based in a true reality of what is achievable. Maybe instead of making 100 bracelets for the day at your job you write down you want to get to 110 by the end of the week, and maybe 150 by the end of the month. You want to keep the goals simple because you don’t want to stress yourself out over these goals, but you do want to feel like you are growing and expanding your skills or abilities. You might keep a personal goal list at home that talks about spending more time with the kids or the spouse during the week, paying off certain bills, and possibly goals of saving money to buy a new car. Writing down your goals is great because it’s a list you can physically see, which helps make the goal more of a reality, and it also can help you stay motivated on the days where you just are not feeling it. If you see you wrote down you wanted to make 110 bracelets for your job that day, then you will push yourself to do it, and sometimes you don’t even realize you are internally working towards that goal.

Listen to Motivational Podcasts

When you are driving to school or work, instead of listening to the rock station, it might be more valuable to queue up some motivational podcasts from your iPod or smart phone. Motivational podcasts have a variety of subjects that are talked about, but one reoccurring theme is how to be more productive and how to be a better person. Listening to motivational podcasts can lift your spirits and make you feel like you are a worthy person who can achieve something more in life. Some podcasts talk about how to solve interpersonal conflicts, which can help you become less stressed out, which is a great start to feeling more productive. These podcasts talk to a lot of inspirational people from the entertainment, religious, and educational fields so it’s a good way to get a variety of ideas on how to overcome obstacles and find ways to make your life more successful and enjoyable. You might listen to someone that has been in a similar situation than you in the past, then you hear how they put their nose to the ground and worked hard, and how they are better off now than ever before. Listening to people’s successful stories is a way to get your mind out of the can’t do into the can do, which will help you become more productive in all aspects of your life if you are willing to take the advice to heart.

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