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Four Tips for Making Studying Easier and More Effective

When it comes to education and getting good grades, one of the biggest ways you can achieve success is to study, but that’s easier said than done. Studying is not always fun, especially for the students who have trouble learning and paying attention in class. Sometimes you look at a book but the words just all jumble together, and it’s hard to study when you have trouble concentrating on what you are supposed to be reading. There are a lot of ways however that you can change the way in which you study, and making it easier is a great way to increase the efficacy of the process. Here are four tips that might help you make studying easier and more effective, which can increase your brain’s performance when it comes time for the test.


One of the best ways that you can change regular old studying into an easier process is to use flashcards. Flashcards are a great way to make studying more effective because you have a hand held visual representation of the information you have to learn and remember. neuropharm-flash-cardsFlashcards can be done in multicolored paper with various marker colors used to highlight different topics or subjects. The great thing about flashcards is that you can use them for any subject in school and it’s something that younger children and older children can use to learn the materials in a fun and quick manner. The best part about flashcards is that you can use them to make a memory game out of them, where you have to match the word with the definition but have to keep all the cards flipped over so that you have to remember their location on the floor. If you have a younger child then flashcards are the best way to go because you can really make a game out of it, which will help them learn in a more efficient manner without realizing they are even learning. The best thing about flashcards too is that you can take them anywhere, so you can study while at the park or in a shopping mall, and it’s something that you can do with more than one person as well.

Allow Music in the Background

If you have children who hate sitting down to look through a book or learn materials for a test, one way you can help them relax is to play some light classical music in the background. Classical music is good for stimulating the brain, improving concentrating, and even improving mood. If you put some classical music on while your child is studying, then it might make the child more willing to accept the materials that has to be learned, and they might find themselves in a better mental frame of mind. What you have to do sometimes is to make studying seem like it’s not studying, and you have to make them feel comfortable with the situation by opening up their mind a little bit. Even if they hate classical music, once they sit down and hear it lightly in the background, they will likely feel less anxious about studying and learning, and maybe will start to enjoy the process a little bit. Think of classical music as warming up for a big game, because the music can help warm their brain and improve their concentration during the process without feeling like a workout.

Create Mnemonics to Learn Facts

One thing that you can do with your child to help them study in a more efficient manner is to come up with mnemonics to use to learn some basic facts and concepts. Mnemonics are simply when you have a saying or phrase that is used to help you remember another phrase. An example of this would be My Very Excellent Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pizzas, which is a way to remember the plants as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. You can create these mnemonics for just about any type of subject, but it works best with science and history, since those are the subjects that kids have the hardest time learning and paying attention to in school. You can also put the mnemonics on flashcards to make it even more fun if they have to match the fun phrase with what it really means on another flash card.

Don’t Always Have Studying in the Same Place

As with anything in life, it gets boring studying in the same place day after day, and this monotonous situation can create boredom that negatively impacts studying habits. If you notice that things seem a little boring and stale where your child is studying, then change it up and maybe go outside. This works for adults too, since college students are often seen outside sitting on benches or the grass reading from their books before a big exam. Being outside is one of the most calming and relaxing ways you can study, because the air and sounds of nature provide you with a natural feeling of enlightenment and confidence. If it’s too cold to go outside then create another area in the house that looks a little more enjoyable, maybe make a pretend fort or something so that the child will feel like they are in a different place while learning the same materials. You might also try placing stuffed animals on the bed and pretending those stuffed animals are the other kids or the teacher, and then have your child recite vocabulary words or maybe history facts to the animals, it could be a fun game to get them ready for explaining their answers on a test. Inviting friends over and having a study date is also a good idea, especially if you make a game out of it where everyone has to try to teach something to the other friends. It could also be like a game of Charades where one person has to act out a part from the book or the history lesson, and this can also be a fun way to make studying more effective.

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