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Breakfast and Your Brain – Is it Important


When you were growing up, you probably heard the old saying about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. As you get older, you think that is just something parents tell their children, often skipping breakfast for just a cup of coffee and maybe a granola bar. The truth of the matter is, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, especially when it comes to … Read More →

Five Nutrition Tips For Better Mental Performance


When it comes to boosting your mental performance, one of the best ways to initiate a quick enhancement is by changing what you eat. Nutrition and diet are essential if you want to feel good and have a better performance mentally. Some people think that they can eat whatever they want and as long as they workout they are doing enough to boost their brain, but in reality what you … Read More →

Tips For Managing Stress – How To Help Guide


When it comes to improving your cognitive function and making sure your brain is working at it’s peak performance, you need to do all you can to manage stress in an effective manner. Stress is a huge problem because it can diminish cognitive function, lead to anxiety and depression, and it can also leave you feeling overwhelmed by life in general. There are unhealthy ways to deal with stress such … Read More →

Excercising and Your Brain – How Exercise Helps Mental Performance


Exercise is something everyone needs to do regularly because it helps almost all aspects of your life, including controlling your weight and helps you manage medical conditions like diabetes. There are so many reasons why exercise is good for you, but a lot of people don’t realize that exercise is also good for your brain. You might not see the physical changes in your brain when you exercise, but you … Read More →

Four Healthy Habits to Support Your Memory


As you get older you might have noticed that your brain is not working like it used to when you were a teenager. The most common problem with the brain, especially as we age, is that our memory starts to fade away. The brain is like any other muscle in the body, you have to work it out and continually use it, or it will start to atrophy. There are … Read More →

3 Foods To Support Your Brain

brain-foods (2)

It is common knowledge that proper nutrition is vital for overall health and physical well-being. While getting the right nutrients are essential for our heart, lungs and muscles to function properly, we often forget about our brain. Finding the right foods to nourish and boost our brains not only helps optimize capacity and functioning, a brain-healthy diet can help you guard against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It is important to … Read More →

5 Ways To Boost Your Memory


Having trouble remembering your grocery list? Forgetting simple things such as your email password or where you placed your keys the day before? Giving your memory an extra boost could be just what you need! Here are 5 simple ways to increase your memory over time. Eating Healthy Foods There are a variety of foods out there that can help with memory loss, specifically those that are rich in Vitamin … Read More →

4 Supplements For Concentration – Increase Your Focus


When it comes to getting the most out of yourself during work or school, one of the most common roadblocks is maintaining focus and concentration. We all know the feeling of just being “on” when you’re studying or working on a difficult project at work. When you’re “on” it’s easy to get through your workload and it only seems to take a fraction of the time. So if you are … Read More →