NuMatrix – Complete Nootropic Supplement

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NuMatrix is a balanced and effective nootropic supplement. NuMatrix targets cognitive enhancement from a variety of angles by providing users with increased levels of focus, improved concentration, and a balanced memory support blend.

The NuMatrix Advantage:

  • Improve Focus, Memory, and Cognitive Functioning
  • Clinically Tested & FDA Approved Ingredients.
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  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try NuMatrix risk free and see for yourself what it’s like to “Be On” everyday.

Each bottle of NuMatrix contains 60 balanced capsules.

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NuMatrix is a balanced Nootropic that enhances concentration, memory, and focus from a variety of channels.

What is a Nootropic?

Nootropics are types of “Smart Drugs” or Neuro-Enhancers that improve certain user abilities.

Why NuMatrix?

Numatrix is different from most Nootropics in that it’s an all-in-one supplement that improves your cognitive functioning from a variety of angles. NuMatrix is comprised of a balanced formulation of only proven and effective nootropics. With NuMatrix, we’ve taken all the guess work out of building an effective Nootropic stack. The NeuroPharm team has researched and developed a nootropic supplement with ingredients provided in the correct dosages and formulated to work in synergy with one another to provide the best results possible.

If you are the type of person that finds yourself reading a book and realizing you don’t remember what you have just read over the last few pages, NuMatrix is designed for you.

The NuMatrix Experience

After taking your first dose of NuMatrix, you will begin to experience what we like to call the “NuMatrix Experience”.

30 Minutes: About 30 minutes after your first dose, you will begin to notice the effects of NuMatrix. This includes an increased energy level similar to coffee or an energy drink but without the “Edge” that you are used to with most stimulants.

1-6 Hours: This is what we like to call the “NuMatrix Zone”. During this time you will just feel “on”. This feeling is similar to those days where you get a great nights sleep and it’s easier for you to concentrate.  You will notice yourself getting more work done than usual and you feel a clean, yet subtle energy. After about 6 hours, the energy effects provided by NuMatrix will slowly begin to taper off; however, other effects like memory support will continue to be enhanced over time with daily use.

Month to Month: During the first few weeks of taking NuMatrix, you will start to notice the cumulative effects of consistent use. You will notice yourself remembering things easier as well as an increased ability to stay focused. You will have more energy during the day and your ability to finish your work will be noticeably improved. It will start subtly; however, a few months in, you will notice an overall increased attention to detail and an ability to recall things you couldn’t before. The best part about the memory supporting compounds in NuMatrix is their cumulative and long lasting effects. Most supplements lose effectiveness as time goes on; however, with NuMatrix, the longer you supply your neurotransmitters with nootropic compounds the more profound the effects.

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